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Pre-Construction Services is one of our construction estimating services the Outsourcedestimating.com offers.
Pre-Construction Services

Outsourcedestimating.com provides a wide variety of outsourced pre-construction services.  Click HERE to learn more about our comprehensive outsourced pre-construction services and how we bring value to your project!

Construction Estimating is one of the construction estimating services Outsourcedestimating.com offers.
Construction Estimating Services

Outsourcedestimating.com provides outsourced construction estimating and quantity surveying services.  To learn more about our outsourced estimating & takeoff services and how we can help your bottom line, please click HERE! ​

Construction Management is one of the construction estimating services Outsourcedestimating.com offers.
Management Services

Outsourcedestimating.com provides outsourced construction management services.  Click HERE to learn more about our comprehensive outsourced construction management services and how we can make your project a success and maximize your profits!



In 2011, Dave Davis, started Outsourcedestimating.com to provide freelance estimating services to clients in the Washington D.C. area.  These clients had been forced to trim their pre-construction departments as a result of the economic downturn at the time.  Despite the downturn, estimating services were still needed and it made sense for contractors to outsource construction estimating to a freelance construction estimator to supplement their estimating and pre-construction departments on an "as needed" basis, as these contractors still needed to bid projects.

In the years that have followed, Outsourcedestimating.com scope of SERVICES has grown to include pre-construction services, construction estimating services and construction management services.  We now work on a wide variety of projects including various commercial, multifamily and residential projects.  Our PROJECTS have included both new projects, as well as alterations and renovations to existing structures.  Outsourcedestimating.com has a wide variety of client's including, Architects, Builders, Developers, General Contractors, Owners, Property Managers, Sub Contractors and Suppliers.

While we have grown, we remain very customer focused and specifically tailor our services to the customer's needs and budget.  We have some clients that use us as their estimating department on a ongoing basis, while others just use Outsourcedestimating.com to perform limited quantity surveys and takeoffs from time to time.  Click HERE to see what people are saying about Outsourcedestimating.com, the leading provider of outsourced pre-construction, construction estimating, quantity surveying services and construction management services!

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