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Estimating and Quantity Surveying


  • Our most popular service is our freelance construction estimating services.  We will estimate the cost of the project based upon the a detailed review of the project to determine the scope of the work as well as a detailed quantity survey of the various components of the project. 

  • We then use cost data from a variety of sources depending upon the market to apply pricing to the quantities and determine the cost of the project. can also use the client’s cost data if it is provided.

  • We also determine the duration of the project and estimate the total cost of the general conditions as a part of these services.

  • In addition, we develop an extensive list of qualifications and exclusions to the estimate.   This is to identify what is and is not included in the project documents, as well as to identify any conflicts that may impact the estimate.

  • will provide the estimate in a spreadsheet by CSI division.  Click HERE for an example of an estimate that we have done.

  • can act as our client’s estimating department and will work with the client to obtain subcontractor and supplier bids to put together the best possible bid on a project.   We will also do the analysis of the bids received and recommend the lowest responsible bidder by CSI activity!  Click HERE for an example of bid analysis.

  • also provides bid strategy consulting services as well.  We approach every estimate with the goal of our client being the successful bidder. will identify ways to get low, while still maximizing profits!

Quantity Surveying

  • The key to any construction estimate is a comprehensive and accurate quantity survey of the various components of any construction project.  This is becoming more and more challenging for many estimating departments given the volume of work and internal resources that are stretched thin.   Many Builders, Developers and General Contractors of all sizes utilize to perform the quantity survey or "takeoff".  We will provide a detailed takeoff in spreadsheet form where all the client has to do is enter in their applicable unit pricing!

  • We work with our clients, depending upon their needs and budget, to define the level of detail included in the takeoff, as well as the cost drivers to be used.  We can also do on-site quantity surveys of existing conditions on projects anywhere in the world.  We do what you need us to do!

  • has provided outsourced quantity-surveying services on a wide variety of projects of all different types and scopes.  Our projects range from lumber takeoffs on single-family homes to complete detailed takeoffs on high-rise multifamily buildings.  Click HERE to see example of a quantity survey we have done.   

Construction estimating services offered by
Construction Estimating is one of the services offered by
Constructionestimating is one of the services offered by
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