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  • Dave Davis

Staying Busy landed two new projects this week. The first project is a residential home in Bermuda that is undergoing extensive alterations and renovations, as well as a large addition. We will be providing estimating and quantity surveying services on this project, which is for a long term client.

Bermuda is a interesting place to build as everything has to be imported. Typically builders will buy materials in the U.S and ship them to Bermuda is a series of sea containers. One of the services we provide our clients in Bermuda is a detailed takeoff or BOQ (Bill of Quantities), which allows them to order materials ranging from appliances to nails Did you know that buildings in Bermuda are built with storage tanks for rain water that is captured from the roof due to the lack of fresh water?

The second project that we will landed is for construction estimating services for a tenant fit out project in Jacksonville, Florida. This is also for a long term client, who builds commercial, multi-family and residential structures! Jacksonville, like other areas in the U.S., is experiencing a building boom, which is creating a shortage of both trade workers and office staff. As a result this client uses as their estimating service on all of the projects that they bid. This arrangement works well for them as they get professional estimating support without carrying the overhead cost of a full time in house estimating team.

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