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Finished 2016 Strong!

December is traditionally a slow month for us here at, however this year was different as we landed a number of large projects that allowed us to finish out the year strong.

One of the projects we were awarded was a series of conceptual residential estimates for a builder in the Northern Virginia area that is looking to introduce a new series of semi-custom homes. The homes will feature a series of floor plans, but each plan will have a number of structural modifications including ceiling heights and elevations. This is in addition to a almost endless selection of interior finishes and will result in a very affordable custom homes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking to build a new home or do extensive renovations to your existing home and we will help connect you with this excellent builder.

We were also selected to provide quantity surveying and estimating services for two school projects in Michigan, which is a new market for us. Both projects involve extensive renovations and additions to existing school buildings, with the scope of work including civil, architectural, structural and MEP systems. also picked up a new project in Australia, where we will be providing an analysis of various construction techniques to build a series of three story townhouses. The challenge the developer is facing is a very tight budget and a number of mandated architectural requirements, such as cantilevered decks and balconies.

Finally, we are continuing to provide construction management support to a builder in Bermuda, who is adding a second floor to an existing residential building. We provided quantity surveying and estimating services for the project as well as developed a critical path schedule for the project. Our involvement now is focused on the logistics, as much of the material to be used on the project is being shipped to Bermuda by the builder in sea containers.

Happy New Year and we wish everyone a prosperous 2017!

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