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We continue to stay busy here at with many projects recently completed and many more in the pipeline. One of the most unique projects to date has been an addition and extensive alterations to a existing 39,000 square foot building in McMurdo Station, Antarctica! Everything about this project was unique ranging from the construction type, logistics and reduced production rates associated in working in such challenging conditions. In addition to the estimate, we also provided a very detailed and comprehensive material list, which had to be extremely accurate as materials are shipped into the site in sea containers on a yearly supply ship. The estimate also had to include the costs of staging crews in and out of Christchurch, New Zealand as well.

Another project we completed recently was the conversion of the 14,000 square foot Hellenthal Building in downtown Juneau, Alaska into a mixed use building that is going to have 6 apartments, as well as a large tavern and several retail spaces. Most of the building was vacant and in poor condition, although a bank occupied part of the building for several years. Interestingly, the existing bank vaults are being retained and incorporated into the retail spaces, which will provide a unique look. This project is a key component of the re-development of the old downtown area of Juneau and will bring much needed housing to the downtown section of the capital city of Alaska. also completed an tenant fit out estimate on a 5,400 square foot Anytime Fitness facility in St. Augustine, Florida. This is the 70th estimate that we have done for this long term Jacksonville, Florida client since 2014! We continue to see strong growth in the fitness industry, with many gyms being built all over the country. The growth in smaller clubs seems to be stronger than the growth of the mega fitness facilities.

We also completed a small project for a repeat client that provides steel erection services. This project was a series of small projects at the Copper Hills High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. One of the services we offer is providing estimating services to subcontractors. In the case of this client, we perform a quantity survey of the materials to be erected and enter it into a spreadsheet that we created that follows the format of the client's estimating software, which automatically generates the bid.

Other projects that we are currently working on include a building at the University of Alaska in Anchorage, as well as a new school building in Camas, Washington. We are also working on an estimate for a large tenant fit out in a medical office building in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles area is really booming and we continue to seek additional freelance construction estimating opportunities there.

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