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Trouble Finding Estimators? Use a Freelance Estimator!

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

As we know, there is a strong demand for construction estimators across the country at the moment with more estimating jobs than estimators in the market. Many companies are using freelance estimators to work on a project-to-project basis or as a contract estimator. One of the many benefits to using a freelance estimator, is the ability to bring them as needed and to reduce their pre-construction costs. Many of our clients here at will bring us in when they are overwhelmed with projects to bid / budget. They find it very beneficial to be able to bid more without the cost of a full-time estimator on staff, which helps them reduce overhead costs. Our freelance estimating services help them "surge" their pre-construction opportunities when needed. To learn more about our freelance estimating services, please visit !

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