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Pre-Construction Services

Feasibility Studies

  • is often brought in early in the design process by the Owner or the developer to assist in preparing feasibility studies.  While in most cases our emphasis is on the construction costs, we also work on market studies, residual land costs and absorption rates and financial modeling.

  • We have extensive experience in conceptual estimating and often start the budgeting of construction costs for the project using nothing more than a "back of the napkin sketch". We will then update the budget developing more detailed estimates as the drawings are updated throughout the design process as schematic design, design development and construction documents are developed by the design team.

Plan Review

  • has a great deal of experience in providing constructive feedback to the Architect and Owner on construction plans throughout the design process.  Our focus is on constructability issues, conflicts, and possible value engineering opportunities. 

Construction Estimating Services By

Other Services

  • can also assist in documenting existing site conditions.  We offer this service anywhere in the world!

  • We can assist in the review of "work letters".

  • We can assist the Owner in interviewing and qualifying Architects, Builders, General Contractors, Sub Contractors and Suppliers, 

  • We can assist in managing the design process for the Owner, which benefits both the Architect as well as the Owner.

  • We can assist in the setting up the project for success before it ever starts!  

Pre-Construction Services is one of the Construction estimating services offered by
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