Quantity Surveying Services

What are Quantity Surveying Services?

One thing you may see when you look for commercial construction services is a reference to quantity surveying services. Just what are these services, and do you need them?

If you are a Owner, Developer, Builder or General Contractor, one of the things you'll be responsible for is determining how many of each thing you need for the project to be completed. An amazing number of things are involved, ranging all the way from tiny screws to big steel I-beams, and just keeping track of the huge variety of items can be overwhelming if you are new at this. On top of that, you need to know exactly how many of each of these items you need to order and have delivered.

Mistakes in this area can cause too many things to be ordered, but an even worse scenario for a project is to not have enough of them (or none of something). Shortages force work to come to a complete halt, and this can cause parts of the building to be exposed to the weather, corrosion, and other problems. Not only that, you'll end up paying crews to stand around and wait for deliveries.

Quantity surveying services prevent these mistakes. They use experienced people to calculate exactly how much of everything you will need. Pre-construction services typically also predict when the items will be required on-site, which helps with delivery scheduling.

Companies like Outsourced Estimating work with Owners, Developers, Builders and General Contractors throughout the United States to calculate needed quantities, figuring costs, and even obtaining bids from subcontractors. Working with a firm like this will greatly ease your general contracting job and help your projects go more smoothly.

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